• 2015 FHS Choir


    Choir is unlike most classes, sports, or group activities, in that we rely on every player to participate in every event.  There are no ‘benchwarmers” in the choir.  We work together and rely on each other to perform at the highest level possible.  One missing person makes a huge difference.  In that light, please make note of the following dates and do everything in your power not to schedule over these performances.


    Students are required to attend all concerts and performances.  Listed below is a tentative list of activities for this year.  Those that are mandatory are marked with an (*).  All others are considered optional.  As with most performing groups, sometimes performance opportunities come about during the course the year on an unexpected basis.  The director will use all means possible to keep these to a minimum and to give students as much advance notice as possible if it is to be a required activity.


    *District Choir Auditions                                                                   Saturday, September 17

    Rehearsal and Performance    required for selected students                            Saturday, November 5


    *Veteran’s Day Assembly       Program during school day                                Friday, November 11


    *Conference Choir                  All Day/Evening@ Salisbury                              Tuesday, November 15


    *The Freddies                        Setup, Performance, Clean Up                          Saturday, November 19


    *Christmas Concert                 7:00 PM                                                           Friday, December 9


    *Music Trivia Night                 7:00 PM                                                           Saturday, January 21


    *CMU Music Festival              All Day                                                               Friday, March 3


    *Music Boosters Pie Auction   TBA                                                                   Saturday, March 4


    District Music Festival

    *Large Ensembles                    All Day                                                          Friday, March 24

    (Solos/small ensembles)          All Day                                                          Saturday, March 25


    State Music Festival                 TBA                                                               Thursday, April 27


    *Spring Concert                       7:00 PM                                                         Friday, May 5


    *Graduation                             7:00 PM                                              Friday, May 12


    Performances other than concerts and graduation will be influenced by student eligibility.  In order to perform at District Choir, Conference Choir, CMU Music Festival, or the District Music Festival, you must meet local and/or state eligibility requirements.

    State eligibility says you must pass 6 classes per semester to remain eligible.

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