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    Each year, 9-12 grade singers from the Northeast Missouri District have the opportunity to take part in one of two All-District Honor Choirs, a 9-10 Choir or an 11-12 Choir.

     All-District Honor Choir Auditions

    • Who:      Anyone currently enrolled in choir (9-12 grade) interested in auditioning for the All-District Honor Choir
    • When:   Saturday, September 16
    • Where: Battle High School
    • What:    Students will perform 1 vocal solo (memorization not required) along with the accompaniment CD from one of the following   books:

       The solo audition material for each choir should be selected from the following anthologies, with the audition being performed with CD accompaniment.   

    • First Book Series (Parts 1 & 2) – Soprano, Mezzo, Tenor, or Bass
    • Second Book Series (Parts 1 & 2) – Soprano, Mezzo, Tenor, or Bass
    • 26 Italian Songs and Arias – High or Low
    • 24 Italian Songs and Arias – Medium High or Medium Low
    • 15 American Art Songs – High or Low

    Sopranos/Tenors are required to use the high versions or part specific versions, as are the Altos/Basses required to use the low or part specific versions.


     The Key Identification and Sight-Reading portion of the audition will be worth 24 points total:

    Key Identification: 4 points

    Two points possible for each correct key signature randomly selected by the judge – two signatures selected for a combined total of 4 points.


    -Sight-Reading: 20 points

    Each measure will be worth 2 points (1 point for rhythmic accuracy and 1 point for pitch accuracy).  Each line of sight-reading will be five measures long.  Total for each line will be 10 points, with a total possible of 20 points.

    Here is a helpful link for sightreading practice:   http://moacda.org/mcda-district-choir/


    Here is a helpful link for key signature practice:  www.musictheory.net/exercises/keysig


    Sharp Key Signatures by Rita North

    1 is G, 2 is D, 3 is A, 4 is E,

    5 is B, 6 F#,  7 's C# I know 'em by heart (sharps)



    Flat Key Signatures(to the tune 10 Little Indians)by Rita North

    None is C, and 1 is F, 2 is Bb, 3 is Eb, 4 is Ab,

    Db's 5 flats, 6 is Gb, 7's Cb.


    choir singing

    • All-State Choir AuditionsWho:     
    • Who:      Any member of the 11-12 All-District Honor Choir is eligible to audition for All-State Choir
    • When:   Saturday November 4 (throughout the day of All-District Honor Choir rehearsals)
    • Where: Moberly High School
    • What:    Students will audition with either Exultate Justi or Locus Iste. Students will sing along with a recording of the piece with their own part omitted.

    Here is a helpful link for All State audition practice: http://moacda.org/state-choir/