• In 3rd grade, we grade using standard based grading.  This means that we don't grade using A, B, C, and so on.  We use a 3-2-1 scale.  A 3 means that a student mastered the standard, a 2 mean that a student understands the material, but still needs guidance, and a 1 means that the student doesn't understand the standard at all.  When we grade, we will circle either a 1,2, or 3, which shows the student as well as the parents how they are progressing or what they still need to continue working on.  We only use standard based grading in ELA and Math.  If there are any questions or concerns about standard based grading, please don't heistate to contact me at my e-mail.

    Ways you could help your child at home:

    1) Practice reading aloud each night.  Students can read to themselves, but practicing reading aloud will allow students to practice their fluency.  Also, asking questions is a great way to help students with their comprehension.

    2) Practice math facts each night.  Students started taking their multiplcation facts and we would like them to pass their 10's by the end of the school year.  Going over these each night for 5-10 minutes would be very helpful!

    3) Staying in communication with me if there are any questions or concerns!  I would be more than happy to send home practice sheets with your child for ANY subject.  This is a great way to practice/review what your child knows or what they still need to work on.


    Reading: Flunecy and comprehension is one of the many reasons why reading is so important.  Every Friday, we have a quiz over what we have learned during the week.  We go over these quizzes the following Monday.  Grades are given for these reading quizzes.  Again, I would be more than happy to send practice sheets home with your child for extra practice if you notice that they aren't doing so well on their quizzes.

    Science/Social Studies: Consists of work completed in class on topics currently discussed and end of unit tests.

    Homework: We have homework Monday-Thursday nights.  Each night students need to read 20 minutes then write their minutes in their reading log.  A parent needs to sign their reading log each night!  Students receive points for turning in their reading log each day and a clip up. Students will also receive math homework throughout the week. Students also receive credit for doing their math homework.  I check their reading logs and math EACH day!

    Planner: Students bring home their planner Monday-Friday! Also, parents need to sign their child's planner each night.  I check this everyday once students are finished writing that day's learning targets.