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    Fayette High School

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    September 2020

    Welcome Back Students and Parents,

    I am John Golzy. Two years ago we moved to Missouri, and this is my second year teaching math at Fayette High School. The time has come to continue learning new and important topics that will enhance our success in life. I am excited about this upcoming year as I hope you are too. 

    I have included a copy of the syllabus for your son/daughter’s math course in Google Clasroom. Please make sure your students reads the syllabus, paying particular attention to the expectations, needed materials, and my grading policy. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at: jgolzy@fayetteschool.org

    I hope we are not quarantined again this year, but I am planning to prepare students for on-line learning just in case. This includes, watching educational videos, teaching a lesson in class but through Zoom meeting, and use of Google Classroom. I have invited all students to Google Classroom, please make sure your student accepts my invitation.

    I believe parents/guardians play an important role in student learning. As always, I thank you for your support and I look forward to working with your student this coming year.


    John Golzy, Ph.D.

    Materials Needed:

    One spiral notebook. No binders please.

    Pencils/pans and an eraser if using pencils.

    Because of the Coronavirus, students cannot share materials, including calculators. Students need to have their own calculators, and phone calculators will serve the purpose for lower level courses. Students need a graphing calculators for courses above Algebra I. They may be able to upload TI 83 Graphing Calculator App to their phones.