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    Welcome to the Fayette R-III School District

    Non-Traditional Learning Center Webpage






    The Fayette R-III School District Non-Traditional Learning Center (NTLC) will provide an individualized program in a non-traditional setting that will assist students in reaching their full potential and becoming educated, productive, and employable citizens.



    The NTLC will strive to see that goals set for each student are attainable and ensure each student is prepared for, and successful in, their next academic challenge.



    The NTLC curriculum will cover the basic areas of math, language arts, science, and social studies. The program will also focus on life skills, critical thinking, problem solving, career planning, physical education, health, and art.  High school students will have some choice of classes to be taken in regard to credits needed.


    Some NTLC students will have an opportunity to take certain classes within the high school/middle school curriculum.  Eligibility to participate in classes at the high school/middle school will be determined by the principal and the NTLC staff.



    Students attending NTLC will be expected to abide by the rules and regulations set forth in their respective school handbooks.





    NTLC is like a cog - a small, but important moving part helping to turn the much larger wheel of education in the 21st Century.