• CMU Welcome Baskets

    At the beginning of each school year, when the college students are arriving, we tend to the needs of the exchange students of CMU. We make sure they feel welcome by providing a "survival kit" basket. The basket includes a laundry basket, sheets, pillow cases, washrags, towels, laundry soap, pillows, and clothes hangers. These are then handed out to the exchange students as they arrive.

    CMU Luncheon

    Each semester we have a luncheon for the exchange students of CMU. We provide food, and a welcomign atmosphere. With this, we create a list of food, bring it in, and then we sit, eat, and talk with the exchange students.  This also brings the opportunity for students from all over the world to share their culture. We have one in the late Fall, and one in the Spring.

    Rotary Meetings

    One a month, we send club memebers to the Rotary meetings. With this, we get involved with our sponsors, as well as get ideas on what we can be doing to prove "Service above Self."

    Buddy Packs

    In order to raise money for our welcome baskets, we particpate in the Buddy Pack Program. With this, we assemble packs of food for students who may need it. 

    International Holidays

    We create awareness of other holidays from around the world in Fayette High. We post information in our bulletin board (outside of the office) to inform students of other cultural holidays.