Pink Out
  • Each year CMS Student Council spearheads the annual Pink Out Fundraising efforts for CMS and Daly Elementary.  This year we also had to help of the CMS National Junior Honor Society.  The halls of both schools are decorated with pink decorations which helps create awareness and excitement of the fight against Cancer. Fundraising consists of selling items to students and staff and all proceeds are donated to the schoolwide effort.       


    "This year CMS Student Council and it's fundraising efforts raised $1200 towards cancer.  We sold cupcakes, Pink Out necklaces, animals, and other stuff.  Student Council kids would work in the morning and at lunch to sell these products to raise money.  The money went to a teacher that used to teach at Fayette, Mr. Dale Lang.  This is a program we do every year and we love doing it!"

                                                                                                                    --Cameron Bias, 8th Grade Student Council Representative