• Welcome to the
    Daly Elementary/Clark Middle School Library 

    Hours - Tuesday-Friday: 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
    email - estroupe@fayetteschool.org


    Mrs. Elisha Stroupe is our library media specialist.

    Mrs. Stroupe
    Mrs. Stroupe holds a bachelor's degree from Briar Cliff University and a master's degree from Columbia College. Mrs. Stroupe has been our LMS since 2020 and has been in education since 2006.


     Mission Statement
    The goal of the Fayette R-III Library Media Center program is to provide
    appropriate services and materials to all patrons. 
    It is ultimately
    designed to support the curriculum and encourage personal growth.


    The library media program is aligned with the district's CSIP and student performance data.


    What's New in the Library!!!

    This school year the third grade started a program called the Walking Classroom during their library specials time.  The Walking Classroom is a creative way for students and teachers to get some exercise without sacrificing any classroom time.  Students listen to podcasts while taking a walk along with additional classroom lessons and activities.  Third grade students have already learned about exercise, calories, Jackie Robinson, Native American mounds, and many other lessons that collaborate with classroom teachers.  

    The Walking Classroom’s evidence-based nonprofit program’s “Walk, Listen, and Learn” methodology capitalizes on the favorable link between exercise and cognitive function.  Students have greatly enjoyed the program so far.  One student was quoted as saying, "This is better than recess because I can walk and learn at the same time!" 


    The Walking Classroom was provided by a generous grant by the Walking Classroom, a program of Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a local donation from the Braun home, and DES/CMS library funds.  The program will be expanded next year to other grade levels.   







     book awards


    Missouri Reader Awards!!!

    Each year 10-12 titles are nominated for the Missouri reader awards. They will be voted on in our library during the first week of March and the winner will be announced in April.


    Show-Me Award
    Titles will be voted on by 1st-3rd grade students. You must read at least 6 titles to vote.


    Mark Twain Award
    Titles will be voted on by 4th-6th grade students. You must read at least 4 titles to vote.

     Missouri Book Awards


    Truman Award
    Titles will be voted on by 6th-8th grade sudents. You must read at least 4 titles to vote. 

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