• CMS Student Council is a student led organization of elected members from the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.  Our purpose is to create a school environment that fosters good citizenship and respect of all individuals in our school and community. We achieve this by involving students in the sharing of ideas and stimulating and developing  social responsibility and equality among students.  In addition, our organization encourages leadership through service to our students, school, and  community.  We also work with school administration in matters that affect the welfare of the student body.


    "Student Council is a group made up of 6th, 7th, and 8th graders from our school that are elected by their fellow students.  This is the first time students get to participate in the elective process.  Student Council teaches students leadership skills and how to be a good citizen in our school and community.  In addition to listening to the needs of our students, we work with our administrators to make the school year a success for Clark Middle School. Student Council not only serves our students, but we serve our teachers, staff, and community as well. Being a member of Student Council for three years had been a great experience. It is an honor to be President of this organization."


    -Olivia Gebhardt, Student Council President



    2017 Student Council-


    President-Sydney Spielbauer

    Vice President-Cale Hudson

    Secretary-Chloe Huster

    Treasurer-Laci Fuhlage



    8th Grade-

    Bella Asbury 

    Makayla Barnette

    Tyler Bartholemew

    Emma Chew

    Miles Himmelmann

    Audrey Johnson

    Audreyanna Long

    Matthew Stornello

    7th Grade-

    Bailee Butler

    Addison Newell

    Hannah Quint

    Preslee Sunderland

    6th Grade-

    Kamryn Bentley

    Kay Sulivan

    Allie Spielbauer

    Addie Huster

    Addi Himmelmann

    Kaylea Felten