6th Grade Orientation
  • Prior to the start of each school year our 7th and 8th Grade Student Council members give a talk and tour to the incoming 6th Graders at 6th Grade Orientation.  They share important information on how to survive CMS!  Topics inlude schedules, Clutch Time, classroom procedures, using your planner, lunch routine, hallway behavior, PE, tardies, bathroom passes, and attendance.  They also assist the students on learning how to open their locker and allow them to practice that skill.  


    "I enjoy that Student Council helps with 6th Grade Orientation because I remember how nervous and unsure I was about 6th Grade so getting advice from experienced, smart, and responsible students really helps.  So I'm glad that we are able to calm their nerves and worries."


    --Abbey Conrow, 8th Grade Class Representative