• Per Policy JFB, the Fayette R-III School District Board of Education recognizes the unique perspectives held by students on issues impacting the school district. Therefore, two high school students of the district will serve as nonvoting advisors to/representatives of the Board, pursuant to this policy.


    Students interested in serving as a student representative of the Board will submit a one- to two-page essay to the principal explaining how they would represent the students on the Board. The principal and Principal's Advisory Committee (PAC) will select two student representatives. In the event of a tie, an interview will be held between the two candidates.

    A student must be a junior to be eligible for the position. The student must be enrolled as a full-time student, which includes dual enrollment, in the district throughout his or her one-year term. The student must not have been suspended from high school or from any high school-sponsored activities before or during his or her term. The student shall not violate any of the provisions of the discipline code as set forth in the Fayette High School Student handbook.

    The selection process will be held in December of each year. The term will begin January 1 each year and end on December 31 of the same year. The student representatives may only serve one term. The student representatives exist at the discretion of the Board.

    The Board reserves the right to remove a student as student representative for any reason including, but not limited to, situations where the student is suspended from school, violates the law, fails to attend the necessary meetings, or is no longer enrolled in school. In the event a vacancy is created due to a removal or resignation, another representative will be selected by the principal and the PAC from the candidate pool to serve the remainder of the term upon approval by the Board.


    The student representatives are expected to attend all regular Board meetings unless excused by the Board. The student representatives may be directed by the Board to report on particular issues. The student representatives will be expected to communicate with district students on a regular basis at all district schools. The student representatives may not vote on any issue and will not have access to closed information. The student representatives will receive the same Board packet distributed to the rest of the Board, except for any closed session information.

    Once selected, the student representatives will meet with the Board president and/or superintendent for training. Minimally, the student representatives will be informed of the Sunshine Law, basic parliamentary procedure and Board policies affecting the operation of Board meetings.

    Students who have served in this capacity are listed below. 

    2015     Abby Ruggles and Tyler Busker

    2016     Natalie Bishop and Mason Stornello

    2017     Chelsea Wysocki and Blake Huster

    2018     Clara Asher and Jessamin McSwain 

    2019     Murphy Quint and Grant Himmelmann

    2020     Jonathan Ebbesmeyer and Josh Henderson

    2021     Isabella Asbury and Laci Fuhlage

    2022     Addie Huster and Allie Spielbauer

    2023     Hayden Sage and Cayle John