Sight Words

  • Each week the students will have 5-6 sight words that they will work on here at school.  They will make flashcards, read these words in their main story for the week and play games using those words.  Sight words build accuracy and fluency when reading.  Accuracy, speed, and fluency in reading increases reading comprehension. They are a collection of words that the students should recognize at sight and not have to sound out.  We expect them to be able to read the word in 3 seconds.  These are words that they can practice at home each week to help them build up their sight word recognition. 


    1st Quarter

    go, on, the, can, am, to, and, here, jump, not, we, help, find, have, who, it, will, with, in, once, what, did, get, are, does, he, they, where, for, is, said, my, you, play, of, see, look, animal, his, call, eat, every, first, why


    2nd Quarter

    also, like, many, some, that, father, mother, people, your, them, friend, girl, know, write, dear, down, learn, would, when, then, long, more, other, she, these, could, how, make, over, place, her, our, little, think, was, out, went, didn't, let's, can't


    3rd Quarter

    now, there, each, please, keep, been, far, near, soon, day, both, hard, want, give, again, any, most, water, good, which, old, under, favorite, zoo, asked, about, because, teacher, room, him, says, had, count, come, from, very, but, best, got, this, after, before, done, just, must

    4th Quarter

    around, else, ever, talk, won't, only, together, don't time, thing, laugh, cried, next, until, rain, made, quiet, use, gone, new, thought, able, really, quit, nice, we're, doesn't, sister, brother, thank, family, kick, you're, I'm