• The Biggest Loser

    The Biggest Loser Staff Challenge is a fun, team centered approach to weight loss for those who choose to participate. Teams were established and will compete until March 9th. Members weigh weekly and progress is monitored with results being shared with all teams to spark competition. The winning team will receive a prize, yet to be determined, at the end of the challenge.


    Professional Development Physical Activities

    Staff are encouraged to participate in yoga, walking, and other physical activities such as volleyball to promote physical activity during our Professional Development days. These times allow our staff to focus on their health, get to know their coworkers better, and increase work production.


    Fayette Falcon Cookbook

    Staff have been asked to submit their favorite recipes for us to compile a Falcon Cookbook. All types of recipes are being accepted with a special emphasis being put on the "favorites" we all enjoy eating at school carry-ins! The cookbooks will be made available as a hard copy and also online for staff to enjoy. Submit a Recipe