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    Reading Tips

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    The absolute BEST way to empower your child with the love of reading is to make it a positive experience!  That is as simple as spending time reading to and with your child!  Emilie Buchwald says, "Children are made readers on the laps of their parents." 

    Three Ways to Read

    • Pictures
    • Words
    • Retell

    The Alphabet

    ABCs open the doors of learning to read.  Teaching letter names and sounds is simple and fun!

    • Uppercase/Lowercase matching
    • Use play-doh to build/stamp letters
    • Search for letters in names
    • Magnetic letter play
    • Read alphabet books
    • Play "I Spy" using letters or sounds
    • Find letters on signs, toys, cereal boxes, license plates...

    Word Power

    Before kids can read, they need to understand that words are made up of sounds.  Here are some fun ways to talk about words:

    • listen to and make rhymes (dog/log)
    • clap syllables (do-nut)
    • segment words (dog = d/o/g)
    • make up alliterations (Kindergarten kids are kind)

    Reading skills to learn:

    • uppercase letter names
    • lowercae letter names
    • say letter sounds
    • how to write all letters
    • 54 simple sight words
    • how to tap and read simple sentences
    • produce rhyming words
    • blend sounds to make words (c - a - t = cat)
    • segment words into sounds (cat = c - a - t)
    • retell a story using important facts
    • recognize beginning, middle, and end of a story


    Keep as many books in sight as possible throughout your home.  Create little libraries for your child in baskets and place them in different rooms.  Even a few books will be fun to read and reread!